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If you want to turn your passion for video games into a lucrative tech career, video game development may be a great path for you! However, since being a video game developer is a dream job for so many people, it can be tough to break into careers in gaming.

A video game developer is a software developer who specializes in creating video games. They write the code for games for PC, console, and mobile applications. They typically work on teams that include video game designers, artists, audio designers, and game testers.

🎮 Video game developers may specialize in programming for a certain video game console (e.g., Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4) or they may work more broadly and know how to make a video game across devices. They may also specialize in the type of video game, such as role-playing or first-person shooter.

One common, in-demand type of video game developer are Unity developers, who specialize in using the Unity platform to build games. Unity is a cross-platform game engine, making it simpler to design games for multiple systems.

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