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Welcome to Newb.Ninja

Newb Ninja is a community platform developed by Gareth James primarily as a place to host a selection of personal blogs related to Gaming, Programming and Ethical Hacking

We have a YouTube Channel with various explainer videos, study logs, notes ant tutorials that serve as a visual reminder and knowledgebase for everyone to make use of as well as some community driven content which covers a variety of subjects including Ethical Hacking, Programming, Gaming and more

Don’t forget to check out our social media pages, all of which can be found on our Contact Us page here on the site including our Discord Channel

Here are a few of our latest videos on YouTube.  We hope you stop by and check them out.  Feedback is a HUGE part of our development so please feel free to be honest but respectful.  This is all new to us and constructive criticism will ALWAYS be appreciated

Thanks for popping by and we hope you enjoy the content!

–  NewbNinja

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